Softdocs is ready to ease that process by providing a special migration offering for existing Nolij customers. Through a seamless migration process, your institution can be up and running on a leading edge ECM and workflow platform in no time.

It’s good being the lucky duck.

What You Need to Know:

  • Exclusively designed to meet the needs of the education marketplace
  • All-in-one solution for Enterprise Content Management, E-forms and Process Automation
  • Fully browser-based HTML5 platform with no Java or desktop installs required
  • Enterprise licensing model to help ensure the solution value is extended institution-wide
  • Stable and favorable annual maintenance model to ensure no hidden costs


A successful migration from Nolij does not have to be a flight of fancy.

The end-of-life announcement for Nolij customers brings about an interesting opportunity for institutions.

Although many schools see content management and workflow solutions as a secondary implementation to their ERP, the functionality and capabilities that exist within today’s modern ECM solutions have a huge impact on daily operations throughout the institution. The investment today in such a platform is key for colleges and universities.

Most likely, you are now tasked with determining the next steps for your institution. Either way a migration is in your future. This is a great opportunity to take a look at the options you have. For many, years have gone by since their initial Nolij implementation, and the technology has evolved tremendously. IT staff must now find a solution that not only matches the needs of the business units, but is comparable, if not better, than their existing implementation. With so many solutions on the market, the search can be overwhelming.

Welcome to Etrieve by Softdocs

Etrieve by Softdocs is a next-generation content management, e-forms and process automation solution that was designed and built specifically for the education marketplace.

Built leveraging a mobile-first methodology, every Etrieve component is completely browser-based, providing a fully-functional interface on any platform from any device. No desktop installations. No Java-based requirements. Just a robust, modern, intuitive solution that will increase efficiencies for all departments involved.

The Implementation

Softdocs offers a dedicated Migration team that is staffed with professional services and technical resources experienced in system migrations. We offer a variety of migration options including core content and indexing conversions, as well as detailed consulting and business needs analysis to ensure you are getting the most value out of your implementation. Whether you prefer to keep your system as is, or you find this to be a good opportunity for process improvements, our team is available to assist as needed.

Protecting your Investment

We recognize that with this decision comes the evaluation of the existing investment in your Nolij implementation. Softdocs wants to ensure that your transition is a smooth one and that the solution is not only comparable, but provides even further value than before.

With a flexible pricing model, including unlimited enterprise licensing options, and consistent annual maintenance fees, your team is able to budget accordingly.

Ensure that your investment is recognized throughout the entire institution without any hidden fees required further down the road.

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